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bouncing-back-after-DV-arrest-300x200When you have been arrested on charges of domestic violence—regardless of guilt or innocence—it can seem like time has stood still. Between the possible fracturing of your family and the lurking uncertainty of a trial, you may feel as though life itself has come to a screeching halt.

But whatever the outcome of your charges, at some point this situation will be in the past. Life will move forward, and you’ll have the opportunity to put this setback in the rearview mirror. How you choose to move forward can make all the difference between whether you recover along with your family, or whether (heaven forbid) you wind up back in this situation. To that end, we’ve curated some helpful advice from several professionals coming from a diversity of perspectives on coming back from a personal failure, difficult situation or fracturing life event. Their insights may help you find a map to becoming your best self in the days ahead.

Dr. Roopleen on Bouncing Back After Failure

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Damien (not his real name) sat sullenly in the office of the licensed counselor. Recently arrested for the third time on domestic violence charges against his girlfriend, he was disgusted at his own behavior—and surprisingly puzzled and baffled at his uncontrolled impulses and where they had landed him. Frustrated, he asked the counselor one of the most common questions asked by DV defendants: “How did I get here?”bully-and-DV-los-angeles-300x150

The counselor asked a question that threw Damien off guard: “Were you ever bullied as a child?”

Damien began to weep.

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For many people who find themselves facing domestic violence charges, the problem doesn’t usually begin with the act of violence itself. For most, that catalyst is anger. The violence occurs as an end result of the person’s inability to control the angry emotions welling up inside.anger-300x215

If you’re convicted of a domestic violence charge in California, and sentenced to probation instead of jail, chances are you’ll also be required to attend a “batterer’s class” or some sort of anger management counseling as part of your sentence. But are anger management programs truly effective, and can they help reduce the chances of a repeat offense?

As with most issues, the answer to this question isn’t a clear “yes, it works” or “no, it doesn’t.” The effectiveness of any anger management course depends as much on the cooperation of the participant as it does the nature of the course itself. Modern psychology has recommended a variety of approaches to anger management; some have proven more fruitful than others, and experts now feel some traditional approaches have actually backfired.

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You’ve been charged with a domestic violence crime. You’re worried about your future, your relationships and your freedom. Will you have to go to jail? Will your significant other take you back? How can you avoid overly-harsh punishment or refute what you believe are baseless accusations against you?global-domestic-violence-stats-300x300

While analyzing all these worries, it’s easy to feel isolated. The cultural taboo against domestic violence–especially alleged attacks on children–is profound in the United States. And understandably so. Even if you committed a “bad” act in a moment of passion or weakness, you (hopefully!) don’t wish for a more violent world. But obtaining compassion from friends and family–or even basic understanding–in the wake of DV charges can be hard.

You might find it useful to look outside of your situation and take a 20,000 foot view. How do other countries and cultures grapple with the challenges of domestic violence? What do they do (or fail to do) to protect and be sensitive to victims? What safeguards do they have in place (or not) to ensure fair treatment of the accused?

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contrite-after-domestic-violence-arrest-300x233You hit your significant other. Now you’re facing possible jail time and a restraining order. But while those are serious consequences, the worst, for you, is that you’ve lost the love and respect of someone you really cared about. Is there any way to get that back? To restore normalcy to your life and relationship?

Protect Your Freedom AND Engage in Sober Reflection

It’s one thing to vigorously defend yourself against legal charges related to the domestic violence event. You deserve fairness, and the consequences of a criminal conviction can profoundly affect your financial future, your job prospects and even your freedom. And even though you did (by your own admission) commit a violent act, you need to protect yourself against overly aggressive prosecutors. You’re looking for fairness and a chance to reboot and start again.

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As someone recently accused of domestic violence charges, you’re no doubt acutely aware of the challenges faced by victims. Whether you stand falsely accused of hitting a spouse or partner, or whether you took an action against someone you love that you profoundly regret, it’s important to empathize. After all, finding a resolution to your family crisis—and your criminal case—requires understanding the situation first.falsely-accused-DV-300x221

Unfortunately, those accused of domestic violence—as well as those victimized by violent acts—often look only to the courts to sort things out. Sometimes, sadly, punitive intervention is necessary. But wouldn’t it be better if everyone involved could have their needs met and society provided more (and better) resources to families in trouble?

After all, the end goals we’re all seeking are the same:

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Social media has become an integral part of our lives and our culture. While it has its benefits—it’s fun to stay connected to family and friends—there’s also a downside. Facts get distorted, ugly rumors spread quickly and some unfortunate person’s life can get turned inside out in a matter of hours.losangeles-domestic-violence-charges

So what happens when you get charged with domestic violence? How do you respond if your accuser takes the story public? Your answer may depend on the truth of the charges against you and what impact the social media statements will have on your personal and professional life.

NOTE: Before you respond in any way, speak with a qualified Los Angeles domestic violence defense attorney as soon as possible. Even seemingly minor mistakes with respect to how you handle the situation online can have profound implications for your ability to fight the charges.

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Not all Burbank sex crime cases sound like something out of Orange Is the New Black, the hit TV show about a yuppie woman forced to serve time behind bars for a crime she committed years ago. sex-crime-like-orange-is-new-black.jpg

But a recent case out of Phoenix sounds like it was ripped from an Orange Is the New Black B story.

Phoenix police booked 37-year-old Linda Laibe for photographing and videotaping women in public bathrooms throughout the Phoenix Valley. According to Trent Crump, a local police sergeant, Laibe did her photo and video shoots at restrooms “throughout the valley” in places like Walmart, Chase Field, University of Phoenix Stadium, and the Rainforest Café. The woman then put photos and videos up on the internet and sold them. She faces 38 counts of voyeurism, although authorities are still piecing together exactly how she did what she did and how many women were victimized.

Potential Lessons for Your Burbank Sex Crime Case?

One of the scary aspects of Laibe’s case – from a defendant’s point of view – is that she faces 38 separate counts of voyeurism. Even a single count can lead to major trouble, like jail time, restraining orders, probation, and the like. But in the Southern California legal system, the penalties from various counts can “stack on top of each other” and lead to huge sentences.

For instance, if convicted of a single count of Burbank lewd conduct, your penalty might be a month or two behind bars, depending on factors, such as the nature of the crime and your criminal history. But if you’re convicted of TEN of those charges stacked on top of one another… you could face well over a year behind bars.

Whether you got caught making a single bad mistake – or you systematically violated Burbank sex crime laws – you need to understand your defense options, so you can make rational, sensible decisions. Unfortunately, the law can be quite complicated and confusing. Unprepared defendants can easily say or do things that can complicate their cases and land them in even deeper legal hot water.

Fortunately, you can turn to a trusted Burbank sex crime defense lawyer with the Kraut Law Group for insightful, thorough help.

Just because you made a mistake – or even a series of mistakes – does not mean that you should suffer needlessly. Mr. Kraut is a former prosecutor. He spent 14-years putting defendants like Burbank sex crime offenders behind bars before switching over to represent criminal defendants. He provides regular commentary on Burbank criminal defense for many esteemed publications, like the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and LA Weekly.

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Governor Jerry Brown will be going after Pasadena sex crime offenders (and offenders throughout the state) who remove their electronic tracking devices, thanks to a new piece of legislation he just signed in Sacramento. pasadena-sex-crime-gps.jpg

Sponsored by State Senator, Ted Lieu, the legislation forces offenders who remove their GPS devices to be sentenced to 180 days in jail. Lieu explained the rationale for the legislation in a public statement: “when sex offenders know that there are little or no repercussions for cutting off their GPS monitoring devices, it’s time to strengthen the deterrent…Real deterrents for sex offenders drastically reduce the likelihood they will commit another crime.”

In 2006, California voters passed Proposition 83, which allowed authorities to monitor sex offenders with GPS. In the wake of that law’s passage, journalists observed a spike in the number of cases in which offenders cut off their monitoring devices. The original law intended to reduce jail overcrowding — a huge problem in California. But within the first 15 months after penalties were reduced, over 5,000 warrants for tampering with the GPS were served.

Some fugitives included sex offenders, rapists, and murderers.

A Los Angeles Times report said Fidel Tafoya, a repeat offender who cut off his GPS bracelet, recently got rearrested for misdemeanor sexual battery for inappropriate touching at the Fresno State campus library. Reports say that Tafoya had been busted twice before for similar crimes.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and several other groups opposed SB 57 because they feared that the bill would “only add to the existing problem of overcrowding.”

SB 57 is not the only major Pasadena sex crime story in the news.

Several Southern California high school football players recently faced accusations that they sexually assaulted and raped six girls, including one girl under 14-years-old. The 17-year-old players stand accused of two charges of forceful rape (both felonies), lewd acts with a minor under 14, false imprisonment, and other charges.

According to police, the football players began their assault spree in January and continued to attack students over the summer. A spokesman for the District Attorney’s office in Riverside County said that the “all names have been released in this case, because [the football players] have been charged with serious or violent felonies.”

Outside the courtroom in late September, the mother of one of the accused football players got into a confrontation with the parents of the victims. She said: “I know the truth is coming out and his name will be cleared of the things that were wrongly said.” The mom says that the sex was consensual.

If you love someone who has been accused of a sex crime in Pasadena, a defense attorney at the Kraut Law Group can help you understand what you might be up against and develop a battle plan to defend against the charges. Connect with a former Senior Deputy District Attorney for Los Angeles today to build a sound and accurate defense to Pasadena lewd conduct or other criminal charges.

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When most people learn about the consequences for getting convicted of lewd conduct in Glendale, they freak out a bit. Convicted offenders can go to jail, often for a long time. They can also lose civil rights, endure professional and personal humiliation, and get stuck with the “sex offender” label

Given all the “negatives” associated with conviction, you’d think that anyone who ever got in trouble for this crime would avoid any untoward sexual behavior going forward.

But you’d be wrong.

In fact, aberrant sexual behavior is as difficult to control as it is poorly understood.

You could endure awful punishments, only to find yourself pinned down with a future Glendale sex crime charge. What gives? Why is it so hard to break away from aberrant or destructive behavior like this?

Scientists throw out a lot of theories about what goes on in the brains of sex offenders. But the brain is complicated, and good science on the subject is hard to come by:

• What works to stop person X from committing crime X might not work to stop person Y from committing crime X.
• Likewise, therapies and tactics that work to stop person X from committing crime X might not stop him from committing crime Y.

This doesn’t mean that you should “give up” and just surrender to a life of crime and punishment. But it does mean that you probably have a lot of work to do.

If your Los Angeles lewd conduct charges involved exhibitionism or fetishism, odds are that you’re dealing with a problem that’s at least partly biological. The neural reward pathways (that lead to the bad behavior) may be deeply embedded in your brain. You may need a lot of help to get the behavior under control. Take heart, though. Many people — in situations much worse than yours — have been able to manage both their charges and their impulses and successfully rebuild their lives.

A Glendale sex crime lawyer with the Kraut Law Group can help you get very clear about your charges and what you can do about them, so that you can protect your rights.

Get in touch with a compassionate, knowledgeableGlendale lewd conduct attorney at the Kraut Law Group now to explore your defense options.

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