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As we see the beginning of a new President and Vice President for the United States, we will most likely see a new beginning for criminal prosecutions for Los Angeles DUIs and Southern California criminal law.

Already the new administration has claimed that there will be a clamp down on crime. The local administrations have also claimed that they will vigorously prosecute even minor offenses. It will not matter if you are arrested for a Los Angeles DUI, a Long Beach crime, a San Fernando robbery, or a Pasadena DUI, the police will be trying to enforce the law to the fullest. For that reason, it is important to hire a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney who has the experience and knowledge to defend you.

The new emphasis on punishment for minor offenses is going to put regular citizens in a bad position. In the past, judges and prosecutors understood that there is a clear difference between people who are law abiding but who make a mistake, and those who a repeat offenders. Now, even minor offenses are going to punished more severely.

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In a shift from a decade ago, violent crime in Los Angeles has declined for 6 straight years. Police in this Southern California city are thankful in the decrease. Others worry that the decline will reversed due to the failing economy.

Los Angeles homicides decreased about 5% from the previous year. While that number is not that impressive, the total total drop of 27% in 5 years. Law enforcement claim that the decrease is due to the severe push in gang eradication.

Violent crime has also dropped for other Southern California cities. San Diego saw a slight down turn, while San Bernardino had a 7% decrease, and Orange County also saw a drop in violent crimes

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Palin is being hung in effigy in West Hollywood, California, but police say no crime is being committed. Complaints have been rolling in the local Sheriff’s department by citizens screaming foul play. So far, police have stated that this is an issue of 1st amendment free speech and not a hate crime. The effigy is vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin hanging by a noose from the roof with Presidential candidate John McCain sitting on the roof surrounded by flames. This Southern California residence still displays the two candidates as of the writing of this blog article.

Well known republican politician, Michael Antonovich is calling for an investigation of whether the symbol could be a hate crime. The power of this politician has caused the FBI to investigate the actions of the two men that claim that this is just a provocative Halloween prank.

After a review of the facts a spokeswomen for the FBI told the press that what these two men have done may be distasteful, it is not an act of discrimination or illegal. Local law enforcement has come to the same conclusion. Meanwhile, tour buses in this star struck community have diverted their routes to stop at this new tour site in the Los Angeles area.

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