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text-message-dui-los-angeles-scandalWhen you’re stopped and arrested for Los Angeles DUI, you’re probably more terrified of going to jail than you are of somehow being embarrassed by the police.

However, while most California Highway Patrol officers and LAPD officers operate respectfully and follow appropriate protocol, some “bad apples” cause problems.

35-year old Shawn Harrington, a CHP officer, recently admitted to sending nude and semi-nude photos of suspects arrested for various crimes, like Los Angeles DUI, to his friends on the force. According to a Huffington Post report “[Herrington] said this was a game between him and two others CHP officers… one Harrington engaged in at least six times. Several of the owners of these phones were DUI suspects. One was hospitalized when Harrington took bikini photos from her phone, and another gave permission to search her device after a DUI arrest, which was apparently interpreted as a green light for shady behavior.”

Joe Harrow, the Commissioner for the California Highway Patrol, said that he is taking these photo-trading games very seriously. Journalist Matthias Gafni reported on similar police privacy violations for the Contra Costa Times. Per the Huffington Post, Gafni said that “in one incident, a woman received a $75,000 settlement after police uploaded a semi-nude photo of her to Facebook and deleted a photo she had taken of an improperly parked patrol car. None of the incidents resulted in criminal charges, though several officers were fired (one even later sued in protest).”

Hopefully, officials at CHP will extinguish this nasty behavior and protect the rights and dignity of people arrested for crimes like DUI.

If you or someone you love believes that the police acted inappropriately or even illegally during your DUI stop, you may need to act swiftly and aggressively to preserve your rights and to ensure justice. Call an experienced and highly qualified Los Angeles DUI criminal defense lawyer with the Kraut Criminal & DUI Lawyers right now to set up a confidential, free consultation. We can help plan your strategy, protect your privacy and fight aggressively for your freedom.


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Before the police tagged you for driving under the influence in Los Angeles, you probably used to glibly give people advice along the lines of “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” In other words, when you face a difficult situation, see the best in it. Turn it into a positive. That advice is obviously well intended. But it’s not necessarily intuitive to implement.los-angeles-DUI-make-lemonade

Your DUI Arrest: Just When Things Were Already Bad, Now This!

Your arrest couldn’t have been more poorly timed. Perhaps you’ve been engrossed in a big project at work. Maybe you and your spouse have been “on the rocks,” relationship-wise. Or maybe your doctor just diagnosed serious health problem. The last thing on Earth that you need at this moment is a charge pursuant to California Vehicle Code Section 23152 or 23153 (the injury DUI section – which escalates standard DUI charges to felony charges).

Point is, life has really thrown you a curve ball. Not every DUI occurs during “hard times.” But a surprising number of them do. Why is that?

Obviously, without accurate science, we can’t tease cause from effect. Perhaps DUI defendants notice their bad luck more when it comes packaged with criminal charges. Or perhaps life’s stresses somehow promote more dangerous driving behavior (on average, in the population).

What might the mechanism be, if that second hypothesis is correct?

Perhaps – and this is just speculation – but perhaps, stress and anxiety spark a desire to use medications or alcohol to numb the discomfort or at least diminish it somehow. In other words, maybe people who go through very stressful, anxious, or disruptive situations turn more frequently (and more heavily) to drinking and taking drugs and medications. That would explain why Los Angeles DUI events tend to correlate with “bad times” over all. Of course, there is a difference between this kind of speculation and clinical science, which requires far more vigorous testing and statistical analysis. And that points to a broader issue: the Southern California criminal defense system is an evidence based system. To prove (or defend against) a criminal charge, you need to submit evidence and outline a logically thorough, taut argument. You can’t speculate – or if you do speculate, the degree that you argue from indirect logic is the degree that your case can be seen as flimsy. It’s a lot easier to believe evidence to the effect of “you failed a Los Angeles breathalyzer test and blew a 0.11% twice” than it is to believe evidence like “you smelled a bit like alcohol and stumbled around.” The first statement contains far more objective proof than does the second, which uses inferences.

To build a steady and successful defense against your Los Angeles DUI charges, connect with Harvard Law School educated Attorney Michael Kraut and his team today for a free case evaluation.

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