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Ryan O’Neal and Son Charged with Felony Drug Possession in Los Angeles

Oscar nominee Ryan O’Neal and his son were arrested in Los Angeles for felony drug possession today. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office charged both with the crimes after the Sheriff’s Department conducted a probation search of the 67 year old actor’s house in Malibu.

The actual search occurred back on September 17, 2008, but formal charges were delayed until recently. The police were at the home conducting a probation search of O’Neal’s son, Redman, who also lived at the malibu residence. At the time of the search the Sheriffs found methamphetamine on Redman and in his father’s bedroom. That lead to both being charged with felony possession. It is anticipated that he will hire a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney who practices in Southern California.


Redman was previously convicted in June of this year for felony drug possession and a misdemeanor of driving under the influence. At the time his car was pulled over, law enforcement found
Last year Redman, whose mother is actress Farrah Fawcett, was arrested for driving under the influence of a controlled substance. When he was search police found that he was in possession of heroin and crystal meth. He plead guilty and was not given any jail time but was placed on probation with serious terms and conditions.

Redman is charged with several crimes and could face prison if convicted. At this time he needs to immediately hire a Los Angeles and Southern California criminal defense attorney.

His father, Ryan O’Neal was arrested and for assault with a deadly weapon after he discharged his handgun during a fight with his other son. Griffin. That case is still pending.

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