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Pomona City Councilman Arrested for DUI

A Pomona California city councilman and candidate for mayor has been arrested last week for DUI and being under the influence of alcohol. Elliot Rothman was arrested during the evening hours and was released after he posted $5,000 bail
Rothman was pulled over by a Pomona police officer after the license plate light on Rothman’s jeep was not working. After pulling him over, the officer smelled alcohol from inside the vehicle. After Rothman failed the field sobriety tests, FSTs, administered by the officer, he was taken into custody,
In an unusual move, the Pomona Chief of police was called to the scene and personally transported Rothman to jail. Other then that, there was no other special treatment reportedly given to the Councilman
Rothman was given the opportunity to take either blood or breath test. He choose the blood test, which means that the results are not readily available until it has been analyzed at a crime lab. Now he will be hiring a DUI defense attorney who can handle is case in Pomona.

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