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If Los Angeles DUI Breathalyzer Tests Are So Flawed, Then Why Do So Many Police Forces Use Them?

If you’ve read our criticisms of Los Angeles DUI breathalyzer tests, you’ve hopefully been at least slightly convinced that these screening tools are less than flawless. breath-test-machine-los-angeles-DUI

At the risk of being repetitious, breath test results can vary, depending on:

•    How deeply you blow into the machine;
•    The machine’s calibration;
•    Your metabolic rate of alcohol absorption;
•    How much food you ate;
•    Your genetics and metabolic history;
•    Whether you’re sick or on any kind of medications;
•    How much “mouth alcohol” is present;
•    Whether you’re producing ketone bodies — metabolic byproducts of certain diets — which can throw off breath test readings and lead to false positives;
•    Whether the officer who conducted your breath test made mistakes regarding calibration, cleaning the machine, documenting the process and so forth;
•    Whether the type of breathalyzer machine used was flawed.

Depending on what happened with the breath test, you may have potential defensive avenues. For instance, perhaps the police violated your Constitutional rights and pulled you over without a good reason or subjected you to unreasonable search and seizure.

How should you fight your Los Angeles DUI charges? The first rule is commonsensical: don’t try to figure this all out on your own. Trust the attorneys at the Kraut Criminal & DUI Lawyers to help you build a good strategy and contrive an effective defense.

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