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What’s the Highest Long Beach DUI BAC Level Ever Recorded?

As your blood alcohol concentration goes up, your likelihood of DUI in Long Beach increases. highest-BAC-test-ever.jpg

But what are the record BAC levels?

If you’ve had any alcohol education, you’re probably familiar with the general classifications. If your BAC is over 0.08%, you’re considered DUI under Long Beach law, and you can be charged and convicted of a misdemeanor. As a result, you can lose your license for a year; lose your freedom temporarily; and pay significant court costs and fines.

As your BAC level goes up, your risk increases, and your ability to drive (or do any task) degrades. If you’re substantially over the limit – BAC of 0.25%, for instance – prosecutors can hit you with extra charges, even if it’s only your first time.

Above a BAC of 0.30%, you have to worry not just about punishments but also about your health. The human body can only take so much alcohol before the system starts to shut down and acute alcohol poisoning wreaks havoc. A BAC of 0.50% can often lead to death or brain damage.

But there have been people who have had BACs way above that number. Some have even lived to tell the tale.

For instance, according to list compiled by (not exactly Reuters, but this isn’t a scholarly journal article), a Bulgarian man went to the hospital after getting into a serious car accident. Physicians noticed a smell incredibly like alcohol. They gave him a breathalyzer, which recorded an astonishing 0.914% BAC.

Meanwhile, in France, another man got into a serious crash in Bourg-en-Bresse and tested to have a BAC of 0.976%. That’s over 10 times the Long Beach DUI limit! Amazingly, all he lost was his license and €150 – at a BAC level where most people would have lost their lives.

The all-time “prize” goes to a man from Wroclaw, Poland, who crashed his car after “beer bonging” pure grain alcohol. Actually, the car he drove wasn’t his – he stole it from his work. Investigators tested and found that his BAC was an astonishing 1.48%. More than 1/100th of the man’s blood was pure alcohol! He did survive the crash initially, but he ultimately succumbed to injuries that he sustained. Perhaps all that alcohol weakened his immune system.

Two other BAC levels above 1% have been recorded in Poland. A man was found half naked on the streets while temperatures were below 10 degrees Celsius. He had a BAC of 1.024%, but he somehow survived everything! Another man in Skierniewice, Poland survived a DUI accident, despite having a BAC of 1.02%.

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