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What to Do After Being Arrested for Los Angeles DUI

Many articles about Los Angeles DUI tell you how to avoid getting into dangerous driving situations, how to handle the police at the scene, and even how to draft an effective legal contest to your charges. But very few resources out there tell you what to do — how to handle the stress, agita, confusion, and overwhelm that you feel — in the hours and days after your arrest. This blog post aims to help defendants take smart, active and resourceful steps to help with damage control.DUI_Accident.jpg

1. Record what happened
The human memory is notoriously fluid and malleable. Although you may feel like that your Glendale DUI arrest will forever being burned in your mind, your memory has a way of warping events. If you cannot clearly and articulately recall what happened, you may not be able to put up your stiffest defense. To that end, write down precisely what happened as soon as you get home and get cleaned up. If you remember any officer quotes – things that might be helpful in constructing a defense – be sure to note those. Note time lines. If you were given a breathalyzer or blood test, note how that went. Write down the names of officers who arrested you, and so on and so forth. The more information you can get out of your head and onto paper right now, the easier it will be for your Pasadena DUI lawyer to help you strategize your defense.

2. Don’t delay taking action
For one thing, your California driver’s license could be suspended if you don’t try to contest your charges. Also, if you miss court dates or other key deadlines, you could face penalties above and beyond those stemming from your Southern California DUI.

3. Find an attorney ASAP
True, you can handle your own defense. But if you fail to put up the stiffest resistance to the charges against you, the consequences could be dire. Not only could you face jail time – sometimes much more jail time than the minimum 48 hours behind bars – but you could also face heightened court costs, stricter probation terms, a lengthier license suspension, and more mandatory alcohol school.

4. Steel yourself.

In the weeks and months ahead, you may have to go through difficult times as you relive your arrest and explain to family and friends what’s going on. Do your best to get perspective on what happened, and count your blessings that you are still alive. It is possible to recover from a DUI arrest and rebuild your life, become a safer, more mindful driver. It is going to take work and soul searching to figure out how you got to where you are now – and how to make improvements in your life.

As part of your battle strategy, you almost certainly want to get the help of an experienced Los Angeles DUI lawyer.

Michael Kraut — an ex-prosecutor who attended Harvard Law School and who has had a fantastic rate of success at jury trials — can work with you to design and execute an innovative defense strategy. Attorney Kraut has excellent references and credentials, and he also personally knows many of the prosecutors who handle Los Angeles DUI cases.

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