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Time is Running Out to Build Your Los Angeles Lewd Conduct Defense

Not to alarm you, but every second that ticks by, your Los Angeles lewd conduct defense gets harder and harder.lewd-conduct-los-angeles-time-running-out.jpg

Whether police arrested you for fornicating in a bathroom on a Santa Monica beach, or you have been investigated for internet-related Los Angeles sex crime charges, time is against you. This ticking clock ticks down in a non-linear fashion, too. That’s an important and poorly appreciated point.

Let’s explore this further — you need to understand this.

Most Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys will tell you that “action right away” is essential. This is correct.

Unfortunately, when defendants hear this concept, they often write it off as a marketing ploy. Of course, a defense attorney would want you to “act now”… so that you retain his/her services.

Yes, there’s often a marketing angle working. But this call to action has a point: The longer that you wait to take defensive action regarding your case, the more difficult everything becomes.

Evidence that could exonerate you might fall apart, get destroyed, get lost, get forgotten, etc. For instance, perhaps a woman saw an undercover police officer entrap you for lewd conduct at a public bathroom. If you wrote down her eyewitness account verbatim, that account could be used to challenge the narrative presented by prosecutors and police to put you behind bars.

If you wait too long to get her statement, the woman may disappear: you may never see her again. Even if you do get her to commit to offering some kind of statement, the longer that she waits to offer that evidence, the weaker her statement will be viewed by the court. That’s because human memory has a notoriously short shelf life. Memories tend to warp and change over time.

But there is a yet a further, subtler point — one that even many defense attorneys don’t realize!

Your Los Angeles lewd conduct defense “ticking clock” is not like a NORMAL ticking clock, like an hourglass or stopwatch. It’s a NON-linear ticking clock. In other words: you cannot predict in advance how and when your delay might cost you.

For instance, right now, the police may be cleaning up your arrest scene. Exonerating evidence at the scene could get erased within hours. A failure to act NOW might be pivotal for your case. But once that mini-deadline passes, not much might happen for a while. Act within 5 hours, and you could have a game changer. But delay, and it might not matter whether you delay six hours or six days. It may not make much of a difference. It’s a non-linear proposition. Some time “counts” more than other time. Hopefully that makes sense.

To handle this non-linearity, get effective legal help as soon as possible in the process, since you can’t predict when and how delay might cost you. Get in touch with Attorney Michael Kraut of the Kraut Criminal & DUI Lawyers today to go over what you can do to make smarter, more effective decisions about your legal future.

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