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Large Seizure of Marijunana in Inglewood California

Los Angeles County fire officials arrived at a house fire in Inglewood, California, only to enter into the back unit and find a large marijuana grow house inside. After putting out the fire, the officials determined that there had been an electrical problem which caused them to enter into the back house. After discovering the Marijuana, police were called to the scene.


The marijuana grow operation encompassed most of the residence. The kitchen, living room, and bedroom had be revamped to include complicated lighting on timers, fans, and an inside irrigation system.

The police sized over 100 plants. The residence was unoccupied but the police believe that they know who might be responsible. There are many defenses to these crimes, but it is important to hire an Inglewood marijuana defense attorney in the Los Angeles area.

Fire officials determined that the electrical fire occurred due to the excessive power overload caused by the marijuana grow operation.

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