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Phil Spector Guilty Of Murder of Lana Clarkson in Los Angeles

After two trials and well over a week of deliberations, music producer Phil Spector was convicted of second degree murder in the Los Angeles shooting death of actress Lana Clarkson. Spector, 69, was immediately remanded into custody by Judge Larry Paul Fidler.

The producer was quiet as usual when he arrived in court. As the verdict was read he looked straight ahead and did not show any emotion. The six-man, six-woman jury began deliberating on March 26, 2009, after a 5 month trial. This was the second trial for Spector whose first trial ended in a hung jury. Alan Jackson, the prosecutor, tried both cases. The facts presented in both cases was primarily the same. This time the jury seemed to take the evidence of Phil Spector’s quirky behavior of pointing guns at the heads of woman who he dated, but refused to sleep with him, as evidence of his implied malice.

As soon as the shooting occurred back in 2003, Spector immediately hired his pre-filing Los Angeles defense attorney. The reason to do so is that a Southern California criminal defense attorney can make the difference between the police immediately gathering all of the evidence and destroying the crime scene, and a representative of the accused being able to begin the process of preparing a strong and capable defense.


Spector was convicted of second degree murder. The crime carries the a penalty of 15 years to life in prison. In order to prove this crime the prosecution must prove that at the time he shot Ms. Clarkson, he knew the dangers of his actions and then proceeded to handle the gun in a manner that was careless as to human life. The standard of proof is very high. The prosecution must prove this crime beyond a reasonable doubt. That is the highest standard there is in any court.

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