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Los Angeles Petty Theft Blotter: Cape Cod Shellfish Companies Shellacked by Heists

Many Los Angeles petty theft cases are anything but petty, when you consider them from the victim’s point of view.

The loss of a family heirloom, favorite toy, or other meaningful token can often feel more devastating than can the loss of a car or flat screen TV.

Consider this principle of Los Angeles criminal defense as we turn our attention to a topic that may seem remote: the theft of oysters.

That may sound like a trivial topic — like the subject of an old Hardy Boys novel. But to oyster farmers and their customers, such thefts can be business destroying and soul crushing. Two shellfish facilities out in Cape Cod have been robbed multiple times this summer… to the tune of thousands of oysters. The Marston Mills River Facility recently lost 3,000 oysters to pilfering. Police believe that the thief accessed the facility via the water.

So far, an investigation hasn’t turned up anything, but a local resources manager, Douglas Kalweit, says “there’s a whole bunch of people with their eyes and ears out” for the oyster thief.

The theft followed a similar crime at Crowes Pasture, where more than 20,000 oysters disappeared this summer. One heist, which occurred mid-July, cost farmers $1600. The thief came back a few days later to grab another 10,000 oysters. Chris Southwood, a local constable, believes that one person likely committed all these crimes.

Southwood said “until they get caught, they’re probably just going to do it again.”

The local Department of Natural Resources installed surveillance cameras, and both facilities remain on guard. Oyster theft is not an unheard-of problem, but local authorities say that it reached a new level this summer.

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