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Icky Case of Los Angeles Lewd Conduct at a Ventura Shopping Mall

23 year-old Nicholas Russell was arrested for Los Angeles lewd conduct, after multiple witnesses said he exposed himself in public and masturbated in his vehicle, earlier this month. los-angeles-lewd-conduct-sex-crime-2.jpg

Ventura police got a call at around 10 AM, alleging that a male in his 20s had been roaming around a shopping mall on the 1700 block of Victoria Avenue, exposing himself to passersby. Per a witness’s report, the man had been wearing army pants and a blue sweatshirt. Half an hour later, police received a separate report that the same man had been spotted at Portola Road and Shenandoah Street, exposing himself. He was seen driving a grey sedan.

The suspect managed to get away from officers, but he didn’t lay low for long. Police found him at around 4:30 p.m. on the 6600 block of Telephone Road, masturbating in his vehicle. Officers arrested the suspect and charged him with Southern California lewd conduct. A witness helped identify Russell to the police.

Southern California law takes sex crime charges very seriously.

If convicted of the charges against him, Russell could face jail time, fees and fines, and other unpleasant punishments, including having to live with the “sex offender” label for the rest of his life. This label could make it hard for him to find employment, secure housing, and live a normal life. In fact, in many ways, the sex offender label is harder to deal with than a short stint behind bars. It permanently alters how you get around the world and also skews how society (and even people in your own family) can treat you.

Does this to mean that you’re doomed to a conviction and a lifetime problem? Not necessarily.

An assertive Los Angeles lewd conduct defense can influence not only your potential sentence but also on the “after effects” of the arrest on your life, career, and your relationships.

Consider talking to a former Los Angeles city prosecutor, Michael Kraut, about your situation.

Mr. Kraut served over 14 years as senior level prosecutor for the city (Senior Deputy District Attorney), and he maintains excellent relationships with judges, attorneys, police officers, and others in the Los Angeles defense community.

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