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Jennifer Garner Gets Three Year Restraining Order Against Stalker

Jennifer Garner, wife of Ben Affleck, went to court in Los Angeles to ask a judge for a restraining order against a stalker who has been following her for several years. The stalker, Steven Burky, 36, is a well known mental patient who has been a drifter for several years. The judge called his name in court, but neither he nor Garner were in Court.

After reading the declaration submitted in the court documents, the judge granted the request. Burky has been harassing Garner, the star of “Alias” since 2002. He believes that he is the victim of satanic rituals and abuses when he was a child. As he grew older he turned to religion and became a born again Christian.


Burky is known to have followed Garner throughout the United States trying to meet her, sent her love letters, and has even turned up on her front steps. He left her a letter that can be characterized in no other terms then creepy. He commented in the letter that Garner’s maid opened the door and even gave him her lunch.

In the declaration, Garner stated that she is scared for her family’s lives. As of today’s date Burky has not been charged with any crime. The order was issued on November 7, 2008. Soon thereafter the police were in contact with Burky and since that date he has been under psychiatric evaluation.

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