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MySpace Mom on Trial for Computer Fraud and Conspiracy in Los Angeles

The trial began today of a MySpace mom in Los Angeles Federal Court. The tragedy began when a 13 year-old girl in Missouri used to turn to the popular on line retreat as a form of escape and flirtation. The girl, Megan Meier, began to write to what she thought was a 16 year-old named Josh Evans. After developing a friendship online, the cyber encounters went sour.

After only a short time after the communications began, the nice pleasantries of online romance changes to mean comments about how “everyone hates you” and “the world would be a better place without you in it.” Only minutes after those statements were made, the 16 year-old was found hanging in her home by her mother. She died the next day.

Josh Evans, as it turned out, never existed. Instead, the boy was dreamed up by Megan’s former best friend and her mother, Lori Drew. Drew, 49, is currently on trial in Los Angeles Federal Court charged with conspiracy and using a computer without authorization.

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