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Huge Shipment Of Marijuana Seized Off The Coast Of Southern California

The United States Coast Guard based out of Newport Beach, California made a gigantic seizure of marijuana off the coast of Southern California this past week. Government sources claim that the pot is worth over $32 million. That could be a lot of medical marijuana. However, the Government asserts that the 9,987-pound seizure off the coast of San Diego was for illegal purposes and was not destined to stock the shelves of medical marijuana dispensaries in California.

This is considered the be the largest marijuana seizure in the history of the Coast Guard in Southern California. Because the marijuana was seized in Mexican waters, the United States does not have jurisdiction to file criminal charges. If our Government in fact does file the criminal charges, then there are numerous defenses in a case of this type and the pilot of the boat should be looking to hire a Los Angeles and Southern California Marijuana defense attorney.

Apparently, the Coast Guard was on routine patrol when they spotted a boat about 100 miles off the coast acting in a suspicious manner. The trained eyes of the Government noticed that the ship was traveling very slow, until the sun began to go down and then the vessel sped up. This caused the Coast Guard to think that something was a miss. The fact that the boat did not use lights made them think the boat was a drug runner. The Coast Guard then tried to stop the vessel based upon their suspicion. Often times, the Government incorrectly stop individuals with out reasonable suspicion. Without the assistance of a top notch Southern California Marijuana defense attorney, individuals who would normally go free, are wrongfully convicted. That is why it is so important for anyone arrested or under investigation for a marijuana crime to immediately hire a Los Angeles pre-filing criminal defense attorney to protect their rights.

Then the chase was on. For over 3 miles the Coast Guard attempted to stop the vessel like a scene from Miami Vice, the captain began to through bails of pot over board.

The Coast Guard was prevented from pursuing the vessel in Mexican waters so they passed the information on to their counter parts int he Mexican Navy. While the Mexican Navy did their thing, the Coast Guard went back and picked up 136 bails of pot.

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