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High Ranking Republican Arrested For DUI….But Not A Los Angeles DUI

One of most powerful Republican State Senate leaders North of Los Angeles was arrested for a DUI. Utah State Senate Majority Leader Sheldon Killpack was arrested for driving under the influence and one day later he resigned from office.
The irony of the arrest is that the State Senate leader was one of the biggest proponents of drunk driving laws. After speaking with his DUI defense attorney, Killpack decided that he would be a distraction if he remained in the legislature, and so he quit his political post.

Killpack’s father was killed by a drunk driver when the legislator was a teenager. Since being elected to the State Senate, he has championed victim’s rights.

This past Friday night a Utah Highway Patrol trooper observed Killpack’s vehicle driving erratically. When he was stopped, the trooper noticed that the legislator had a strong smell of alcohol. After being asked to perform field sobriety tests he refused to take a breath test. The trooper then took the unusual step of seeking a warrant to take blood. Killpack was then booked into jail and later released

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