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Healthcare Fraud in Los Angeles: Why Did You Do It? (No, Really, Why Did You Do It?)

Why did you commit healthcare fraud in Southern California?

Now that you’ve been investigated (or, perhaps, arrested), your life path certainly doesn’t seem fully rational. After all, you now face massive jail time, thousands (or millions) of dollars in forced restitution, public humiliation, the loss of your medical, dental, or chiropractic license (or other professional credentials), and problems with your relationships and self-esteem.

So… why did you do it?

Perhaps you knew that you’d been “bending” the law, but you didn’t realize quite how far you had been pushing the envelope. You knew the acts were ethically dubious, but you thought, at worst, you’d receive a “slap on the wrist,” if anything.

Other reasons might be:

• Maybe you trusted a doctor or other caregiver to create a scheme that would “totally go under the radar” of the authorities;
• Maybe you were tired of working so hard, honestly — e.g. paying a fortune to insurance providers — and you made a conscious decision “to get yours”;
• Maybe you started by bending the rules a little bit but then got more and more aggressive (and careless) as the months and years went on;
• Maybe you needed money to support your kids’ education or a certain lifestyle;
• Maybe you got peer pressured by someone at work or by family member to get involved in the Southern California fraud;

Of course, these are all just superficial reasons. They’re “superficial” because they don’t speak to the deeper reasons for why defendants commit Medicare fraud in Los Angeles (or any Southern California white-collar crime).

The deeper reasons ultimately have to do with unmet needs.

We all have needs: e.g. to take care of our children and to enjoy our lives. When these fundamental human needs go unmet, the pain can drive us towards destructive strategies, such as stealing or committing healthcare fraud.

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