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Ex-Cop Accused of Southern California White Collar Crimes Galore

53-year-old Kevin Michael Sianez was walloped with a 63 charge criminal count last week, including charges of an array of Southern California white collar crimes. Sianez worked for the Stanton Police Department between 1979 and 1986 and operated, more recently, as an unlicensed private investigator. He stands accused of a dazzling array of unsavory deeds. Here are a few of them:ex-cop-fraud.jpg

• Operating as a private investigator without being licensed through the California Department of Consumer Affairs Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.
• Lying about his professional credentials online to attract business.
• Intimidating former colleagues who threatened to expose his fraudulent activity.
• Threatening to burn down the house of a woman who threatened to expose his fibs online.
• Posting multiple ads on Craigslist to solicit women to have sex with his Labrador retriever.

Felony charges against Sianez include a dozen counts of using an access card fraudulently, 20 counts of false pretense grand theft, five counts of a felon possessing a firearm (coming from a 1998 felony conviction for stalking), and counts of identity theft, perjury, fraudulent computer access, and illegally possessing ammunition. Among his misdemeanor charges are charges of Southern California white collar crime (aggravated). He is currently being held at $0.5 million bail; if he is convicted of all of those charges, he could serve 30 years behind bars.

When one examines the array of Southern California fraud and white collar criminal charges against Sianez, one charge that definitely leaps out is the accusation that he solicited women to have sex with his dog. This accusation, if true, is absolutely despicable. And it illustrates a problem that many Los Angeles white collar crime defendants have: namely, when you are accused of a crime, you find that you end up getting lumped in (in other people’s minds) with criminals who have done much worse deeds. For instance, say you stand accused of Southern California medical insurance fraud for falsely billing a provider for work you didn’t really do. Many people in their minds will hold you in the same regard as they hold a man who wanted women to have sex with his dog.

All this is to say, to build a coherent and clearheaded defense against charges like Southern California credit card fraud, insurance fraud, and the like, you need adept legal representation.

Attorney Michael Kraut (of the Kraut Criminal & DUI Lawyers) can advise you. Mr. Kraut spent 14+ years as a prosecutor – so he knows how prosecutors work and think. He also attended Harvard Law School, so he has a fine pedigree. Finally, he has the experience and the temperament to put you at ease and make you feel comfortable with the strategic direction of your legal defense.

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