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Dr. Conrad Murray Charged in Los Angeles with Manslaugter in Michael Jackson’s Death

Dr. Conrad Murray plead not guilty today when he was arraigned at the LAX courthouse in Los Angeles. The doctor to pop star Michael Jackson was charged with Manslaughter in the singer’s death.

There are two types of manslaughter. The first in voluntary and the second is involuntary. Dr. Murray was charged with involuntary manslaughter. The doctor surrendered at the court hearing. It is reported that members of the Jackson family attended the hearing and were very angry at the charges filed. They believe that his top notch Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney was able to convince the District Attorney to file the simple lower level homicide charges rather then murder charges.

It is evident that the pre-filing criminal defense attorney was able to raise legal issues that made the DA’s Office only file involuntary manslaughter charges. The pressure had been mounting from the Jackson clan to file murder charges. Had Dr. Conrad Murray been charged with the more serious charges, and convicted, then he could have spent the rest of his life behind bars.

Dr, Murray was released on $25,000 bail and he is free to return to his home in Houston, Texas until the next court date.

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