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Chris Brown will be ina Los Angeles Courtroom to Face Multiple Felony Charges for his Los Angeles Assault

On June 22, 2009, actor Chris Brown will face the judge for his Los Angeles assault on Rhianna. The prosecution will need to prove that Brown assaulted and verbally threatened Rhianna several months ago. Brown is being defended by his legal team composed of Los Angeles assault defense attorneys. Now it will be the time when rumors and innuendo is put aside and the facts will be put forth under oath.

Brown will have a preliminary hearing. This is a court proceeding in which the prosecution will have to prove that a crime was committed and more likely then not, Brown committed the crime. This standard of proof is very low at this point for the prosecution. They do not have to put all of their evidence on the table, just enough to tip the scales of justice.

Rhianna has been subpoenaed to appear in court and she is expected to testify truthfully against Brown. It will be her testimony that determines if Brown will eventually face custody time in jail or prison, or if the charges are reduced to misdemeanors or even dismissed.

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