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Los Angeles Loses Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett

Superstar Michael Jackson and Actress Farrah Fawcett both died today, June 25, 2009. Both of these superstars had repeated run in with the law. Fawcett was arrested for a Los Angeles DUI case that involved driving under the influence of drugs in Southern California.


Facts showed that she was seen driving in an erratic manner that gave police suspicion to arrest her. Her Los Angeles DUI defense attorney was able to work on the case in an aggressive manner that resulted in a very advantageous deal.

It is with great sadness that she died after a very long and public battle with cancer. Her family and loved ones were present with her when she passed.

The second death reported today was that of Michael Jackson. The pop star who had repeatedly fought charges of child molestation and other charges, died of an apparent heart attack at the home that was being rented for him. He was at home preparing for a 50 concert series in London.


It is being reported that Michael Jackson was fighting off a Los Angeles drug crime addition to prescription drugs. He was fighting this addiction for many years and passed away at home. Firefighters worked for over an hour to revive him. While all efforts were made to assist him, Jackson never regained conscious.

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