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Burbank DUI Defense Saga – Lessons from the Extravagant, Ridiculous Tale of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford (Part 2)

Burbank DUI news has taken a back seat recently in the papers, thanks to the bizarre antics and astounding confabulations of Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford. rob-ford-burbank-dui-1.jpg

In a recent post, we detailed Mayor Ford’s litany of legal and political troubles, including sexual harassment claims and, of course, claims that he knocked over an elderly councilwoman at a meeting, during which his city council stripped him of his mayoral powers. (Why? In part, because he was allegedly videotaped smoking crack cocaine, while in office.)

In an event. Mayor Ford may yet have the last laugh:

• He remains in office;
• He still owns a 42% approval rating from Toronto residents;
• He’s confident that he’ll win re-election in 2014;
• He claims to be “loving” the attention on the world stage.

So what does his situation mean for you, if you’re facing a Burbank DUI charge?
You may be annoyed, if not horrified, by Mayor Ford’s exuberance and defiance. But the positive lesson (from your point of view) is that it’s more than possible to rebound after embarrassing setbacks (like a Burbank DUI arrest) and succeed in life.

Of course, if you do something really stupid, silly or hypocritical, the press can get pretty sardonic. Consider the following zingers about Ford from the American press:

Jay Leno:

• “Apparently, there’s a huge crack problem in Toronto. Luckily, it’s just confined to the Mayor’s office.”
• “The Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, has lost some of his powers. So, apparently, he is snorting Kryptonite, too, I guess.”
• “The Toronto City Council has voted to drastically reduce Mayor Rob Ford’s powers. It says this reduces him to a mere figurehead, which still sounds better than crackhead.”

Jon Stewart:

• “The reference [to the Iraq invasion of Kuwait] may be dated, but in Rob Ford’s defense, it may be one of the last things he remembers.”
• “‘Apparently, the crack-smoking Mayor of Toronto has done it again…’ Here’s the sentence I’m assuming does not follow that sentence: “Saves the day.’”

Jimmy Fallon:

• “Now they’re trying to force him to take a leave of absence while they figure this all out. When asked what he would do with his time off, he [said] “probably smoke crack.”
• “After he admitted to smoking crack while in office, they gave him his own TV show. I guess the TV show was cancelled this week after just one episode, because it takes too much time to produce. When he heard that, Ford said ‘I know something that can make it go a lot faster.'”

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