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Being Accused of Los Angeles Medicare Fraud: Can Your Conscience Ever Be Cleared?

If you or someone you care about was recently arrested or investigated for a crime like Southern California Medicare/Medi-Cal fraud, your life has been topsy-turvy. Guilty-or-Innocent.jpg

The penalties associated with your charges could include substantial jail time and forced reparations. You could also lose your dental, medical, or chiropractic license. On top of that, a seemingly endless array of ripple effects could haunt you: e.g. loss of your professional reputation, loss of respect from your family members and peers, financial problems, etc.

Perhaps the most frustrating thing about being tagged for Los Angeles Medicare fraud (or Southern California credit card fraud, Los Angeles insurance fraud, or other so-called white-collar crimes) is the self-recrimination that often follows.

When most people read stories about Medicare fraud, they immediately jump to conclusions. A suspect may be deemed a “reprehensible person” or someone who “just doesn’t care” about sick people. If you are a defendant, you’d like to be seen in a more compassionate light, even if what you did, in retrospect, was not aligned with your fundamental values.

Because of this dissonance – you did something that violated your own values and principles – you may feel tremendous guilt on top of everything else. This pain can be uncomfortable and chronic, and may challenge you long after the fact.

Remedy the situation. First of all, become aware of your feelings about what happened. If you repress your feelings and thoughts about the event – the alleged crime, the arrest, everything that followed – you will never be able to learn from it and grow, and you may even compromise your ability to build a solid defense.

As any respected Southern California Medicare fraud attorney will tell you, the first step in any kind of legal defense is to assess reality. It’s less important to assess blame, guilt, wrongness, etc. It’s far more useful to discuss what happened; what motivated you to do it; why you became involved in the first place; and why you didn’t stop even after seeing warning signs.

Only with these answers can you begin to construct the most appropriate response to your legal situation. Connect with the team at the Kraut Criminal & DUI Lawyers. Los Angeles criminal defense attorney Michael Kraut is an experienced former prosecutor who has the track record, compassion, strategic vision, and connections to help people charged with a complicated white-collar crime, like Medicare fraud.

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