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Another Charge for Raven’s Coach Moeller has Los Angeles DUI Sports Analysts Talking

While celebrity Los Angeles DUI cases get the lion’s share of the headlines (for examples see: Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Mel Gibson, Chris Klien, etc), sports stars who drive DUI have been making the news a lot recently. Moeller_Andy_DUI.jpg

The Baltimore Ravens’ Assistant Coach, Andy Moeller, is one of the latest sports celebs to get charged with a serious DUI offense. His September 21 bust came just a few days before Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards’ DUI arrest. According to news reports, the 46-year-old coach got pulled over on the Baltimore Beltway early morning Saturday. The police charged him with seven different violations, including DUI. Moeller is no stranger to road related arrests. In December 2007, when he was an offensive line coach at Michigan, Moeller got arrested for DUI. He also still continues to deal with the legal fallout from a May 2010 arrest for DUI and negligent driving. Although he got acquitted of charges stemming from that arrest, Moeller has faced more intense scrutiny from colleagues, fans, and reporters in the Los Angeles DUI celebrity blogging community.

When someone like Moeller gets pulled over for driving under the influence in Pasadena (or wherever) the police will often look for “symptoms” of DUI. These may include (but will not be limited to) the following:

• Bloodshot/bleary looking eyes
• Slurred speech
• Lack of coordination, stumbling
• Incoherent story telling
• Aggressive behavior
• Inappropriate emotional reactions to police questions
• Odor of alcohol on the person or in the car/vehicle
• Admission to having consumed alcohol
• Lack of balance
• Acute symptoms, such as vomiting or losing consciousness
Just because you demonstrate symptoms that you have been DUI in Pasadena (or wherever), however, doesn’t mean that you actually were – or that you should suffer the consequences, which can include jail time, fines, probation, license suspension and much more.

Indeed, a Los Angeles DUI attorney may analyze your case and find that the so-called DUI symptoms actually stemmed from fatigue, from improper police observation of your behavior, or even from an undiagnosed disease or condition. For instance, it’s well known that diabetics can blow “false positives” into breathalyzer machines because ketones and other chemicals in their breath can register as alcohol. All this is to say that, if you stand accused of a crime like Glendale DUI or Pasadena DUI, you should talk over your options with a qualified and resourceful Southern California lawyer.

As a former prosecutor and Harvard Law School educated attorney, Michael Kraut has helped many defendants in positions very similar to yours develop and execute powerful defenses. Attorney Kraut has excellent relationships with the prosecutors and judges who likely will be involved with your Los Angeles DUI case, and he understands the needs and concerns of defendants and can provide compassionate and strategically-oriented advice.

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