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After Your Los Angeles Lewd Conduct Charges Have Been Dealt With…

Whether an undercover police officer busted you for lewd conduct in Los Angeles; or you’re facing more diverse Southern California sex crime charges, you have immediate, critical projects that you must address – and address quickly. after-los-angeles-lewd-conduct-charge.jpg

The longer you wait to “get your legal ducks in a row,” the more time prosecutors will have to build a case against you, and the harder it may be to compile compelling defensive evidence, such as witness statements, other evidence from the scene, medical reports, etc.

It’s a scary time for you – and perhaps also a trying time for your friends, relatives, employer, and other people who are “on your side.” It’s scary because legal missteps you make now can have disproportionate effects on your future – extra years behind bars, perhaps, a lifetime label as a “sex offender,” massive fines that can take you years to pay off, etc.

If you’re just looking for a consultation, so that you can deal with these immediate concerns and get organized, the team here at the Kraut Criminal & DUI Lawyers is standing by and ready to assist. Attorney Kraut is a highly regarded and tremendously experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney with great references, great connections in the legal system, and a compassionate and strategic attitude.

On the other hand, even if you manage to get the charges dropped or minimized, you still face long-term challenges.

What does the Los Angeles lewd conduct charge mean to you? Did you actually do anything wrong? If so, what needs to change about how you operate in the world or think or believe, so that you can be more productive and less dangerous to potential victims? Where can you get the help that you need? If you haven’t done anything wrong, how can you avoid putting yourself in situations where you could get into trouble – or could be unfairly targeted?

There aren’t necessarily easy answers to these questions.

They will vary from individual to individual. Maybe you just got unlucky — showed up at the wrong place at the wrong time. Or maybe there are deeper personal and psychological issues going on. If that’s the case, you need to do some introspection – and probably work with good professionals – to resolve or at least manage your issues.

Throughout this process of healing, take an attitude of compassion — both towards yourself and towards those who have pressed charges against you.

The time for healing is now.

An attitude of compassion does not mean that you just “accept blame” for what happened and roll over, legally speaking. It means seeing people in humane terms. This attitude will change your attitude towards your interactions with everyone in the legal system, and that’s a very good thing.

You’ve been through a lot. It’s time to take stock. It’s time to start behaving strategically and sensibly and compassionately.

Otherwise, the cycle of abuse and violence that brought you to your current state will likely continue. Invest in the resources you need to get good help. And if you need specific nuts and bolt help with your legal situation, get in touch with a member of the Kraut Criminal & DUI Lawyers immediately.

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