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What Jerry Sandusky’s Conviction Means for Your Los Angeles Lewd Conduct Defense

Last week, former Penn State icon Jerry Sandusky was convicted on 45 counts of sexual abuse and sentenced to a million years behind bars (okay, not that many but a lot); if you’ve been hit with a charge of Los Angeles lewd conduct or a sex crime charge in Southern California, what might the result from Sandusky’s case mean about your chances for battling your charges and clearing your name?sandusky-los-angeles-lewd-conduct.jpg

In short: Nothing.

Well, not exactly nothing. We can draw certain broad lessons from what happened to Sandusky. But every Los Angeles lewd conduct charge is a different animal. The factors that can go into determining your possible outcome are dizzying, not only in their variety but also in their possible permutations – the way the factors can integrate.

Here are some possible important elements that your prosecutor, Los Angeles sex crime defense attorney, judge, jury, etc might find important:

* The nature of the accusations – e.g. was it a one-time offense or long-term abuse or criminal behavior?
* Is the accuser (or accusers) credible?
* Is there solid evidence linking you to the alleged abuse or lewd conduct, etc?
* Do you have a prior criminal history?
* If you did do something wrong, have you expressed contrition, or can you engage in positive action to rectify the situation?

In other words, each case is its own intricate puzzle.

The public tends to get excited about large, emotionally charged cases, like Sandusky’s – cases involving public figures, alleged hypocrisies, conspiracies, etc.

All that said, the bile directed at Sandusky does highlight something important for you – namely, that, irrespective of the allegations against you — i.e. whether they are true or not; and, if so, how true — you might need to struggle to clear your name and rehabilitate your professional and private image.

In fact, even if you just got arrested at a men’s room in Manhattan Beach in a sting operation and charged and convicted with Southern California lewd conduct, you could be “tarred and feathered” with the “sex offender” label for your entire life.

That’s not a great label to have.

The compassionate, experienced team at the Kraut Criminal & DUI Lawyers in Los Angeles can help you build a powerful and compelling defensive solution. Attorney Kraut is a former prosecutor – he spent over 14 years “on the other side” – so he knows exactly how prosecutors think and how to negotiate with them and argue against them successfully.

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