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4 Weird Examples of Los Angeles Petty Theft

Whether you’ve been arrested for Los Angeles petty theft for stealing Tide detergent from a local grocery store or for swiping human hair from the garbage bins of a salon, you might be shocked to know that you are not alone – not by a long shot. los-angeles-petty-theft-of-Tide.jpg

Indeed, bizarre theft crimes in Southern California are actually surprisingly common. Here are 3 weird items that are regularly pilfered.

1. Tide Detergent
Why would anyone steal Tide? Simple answer: Economics. Tide can retail for as much as $20 in the grocery store, and entrepreneurial black-marketeers can collect as much as $10 or more for the detergent. For whatever reason, Tide seems to be stolen far more than Snuggle or Bounce or other detergents – probably just a cultural phenomenon.

2. Pigs
Pig stealing is a major problem in the more rural areas of California. But hog stealing – and animal stealing of all kinds – is surprisingly common, even here in the “big city.”

3. Gasoline Theft
Gas prices are surging over $5 a gallon in some areas. So it’s no surprise that certain economically strapped drivers fail to think through the consequences and just drive off without paying the clerk.

4. Brass and Copper
These common metals – which are found in components for practically everything from hoses to industrial machinery to medical equipment – can often fetch a pretty penny on the black market.

What should you do, if you’ve been charged with Los Angeles petty theft?

The consequences for a petty theft conviction can actually transcend simple fines… or even jail time.

Once you have a misdemeanor on your record – even one that you got for stealing a single bottle of Tide from CVS – that conviction can haunt you for years or decades. If you get convicted of another petty theft charge in the short term, for instance, prosecutors can actually nail you for felony and send you to jail for over a year. Stuff like that actually happens. To respond effectively, you need a smart, swift, effective strategy. Turn to the competent, highly effective team at the Kraut Criminal & DUI Lawyers to identify and execute a savvy, tested legal battle plan for your Southern California white collar crime or theft crime.

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