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Will OJ Simpson be convicted in Vegas because Jurors think he committed murder in Los Angeles

In 1994 Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman were brutally murdered in Los Angeles California and OJ Simpson was tried and acquitted of those crimes. Now it is 2008, and OJ Simpson is now on trial in Las Vegas for kidnapping and robbery. The court and the attorney’s are trying to question the prospective jurors to see if they will be able to put their thoughts about OJ Simpson aside to give him a fair trial. Both Kidnapping and Robbery are considered violent crimes, and the penalties are sever. Both are serious felonies.

From my experience as a Southern California attorney jurors really do try to “do the right thing.” However, this case may be the exception. From the date OJ was arrested for the murders of Nicole and Ron, throughout the trial and subsequently, I have never met a person who did not have strong feelings about OJ Simpson. To be fair, I have heard both sides of the argument. Some think OJ was framed others believe that he got away with not one but two murders.

Now another jury will decide if OJ Simpson and another defendant are guilty of crimes that could very well keep OJ in prison for the rest of his life.

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