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Vice-President Pick Palin Under Investigation

Sarah Palin, the Republican pick for Vice-President is under investigation in her home state of Alaska for trying to have her ex-brother-in-law, who is a state trooper fired, has hired a pre-filing defense attorney. A pre-filing or pre-charging criminal defense attorney can make a huge difference. In Los Angeles, hiring a Southern California criminal defense attorney before charges are filed can make the difference between a case being filed or not against you
Recently it has come to light that Governor Palin was unhappy that the Alaska Public Safety Commissioner refused to fire the state trooper who was involved in a nasty divorce with the Governor’s sister. Because the safety commissioner refused to fire him, Palin fired the Commissioner. An investigation then began into the Governor’s actions in the matter. This could derail her chances of being the Vice-President, as well as result in sever actions against her as Governor of the State of Alaska.

Ms. Palin, knowing that she was under investigation, properly hired a criminal defense attorney to represent her in a pre-filing investigation. This is very smart since an attorney who is brought into a case prior to any charges being filed is often times able to stall the investigation long enough that the state can no longer take any action against the person being investigated. Another reason to hire an attorney pre-filing is that the attorney may be able to convince the state prosecutor that there should not be any filing, criminal or otherwise against the party.

I am sure that during the next few months it will become clear that the Governor’s actions will be handled properly and in her best interest through her pre-filing criminal defense attorney

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