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Understanding Your Own Southern California Medical Fraud Scheme

If you are under investigation for Southern California medical fraud – or if you have already been arrested and charged – your big concern is: What comes next? confusing-los-angeles-health-care-fraud.jpg

How can you construct an effective, ethically coherent defense to the charges against you? Will you be able to save your business or practice? Will you have to serve jail time? Will you lose your license ? Etc.

Before you can even get a handle on these questions, you need to understand your current reality. Yes, you have gotten in trouble with the law – or you are on the verge of getting in trouble. And perhaps you also recognize that you have engaged in practices or activities that are illegal or, at the very least, legally and ethically ambiguous. At the same time, however, you may not even recognize the full extent of what you have done wrong – or what the prosecutors will say that you have done wrong. For instance:

• One of your associates may have engaged in additional illegal or unethical conduct while operating under your aegis or as part of your organization;
• You may have violated more laws than you realize, due to recent changes in the law or due to the fact that you simply were not cognizant of said rules;
• You may have gotten disorganized recently, and some of the systems and processes that you had been using to overbill Medicare and Medi-Cal (for instance) might have become dysfunctional and sloppy.

Legal problem solving is a delicate business – simultaneously an art and science. You must spend time getting to the root of your present reality. This means providing complete documentation to your Los Angeles Medicare fraud attorney and avoiding leaving anything out. If you mislead your attorney or fail to disclose all relevant information, he or she may not be able to construct an effective defense. In other words, as hard as it may be, you need to be forthcoming and disclosing.

Once you really understand your present reality – what you did, where you stand, what the charges against you mean – you and your Southern California criminal defense attorney can map out a plan of action designed to give you specific results. In some cases, you might decide to fight all the charges and pull out all the legal stops. In other cases, such a strategy might be unrealistic – and potentially dangerous to your chances. The decisions you make now and going forward – even decisions like “do nothing” – are almost certain to impact your likelihood of winning freedom and getting your life back. Yes, your legal situation is frustrating and scary. Yes, you might be confused by the complexity of the scheme that you and your partners and associates created… and which perhaps got away from you. But you are not without recourse. A properly constructed defense can not only yield better results, but it can also reduce the uncertainty in your life by a magnitude, so you can breathe again and sleep at night.

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