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Tiger Woods involved in a Domestic Violence incident and was the Victim

Tiger Woods, the popular champion golfer apparently was involved in a domestic violence incident. Rather then being the violent perpetrator, Mr. Woods was chased from his house by his wife, Elin Nordegren. According to reports, Ms. Nordegren was furious about an affair that Tiger Woods was having a 24-year-old cocktail waitress.

If the stories of her assault were correct, then she could have been charged with domestic violence. Under California law, an assault with a weapon is a strike offense and could lead to four years in prison. Ironically, had Tiger Woods been driving under the influence of alcohol when he crashed into the fire hydrant, he could have been charged with a DUI. However, these facts were never even alleged against the pro-golfer.


Tiger Woods’ wife blasted his mistress in a furious phone call when she found out about their affair. The “other woman” Jaimee Grubbs, is a Los Angeles cocktail waitress. A smart woman, Tiger’s wife called her from a blocked number and when Ms. Grubbs asked who was calling, Mrs. Woods said “you know who this is because you’re fuc*ing my husband.”

As details of the car crash and Tiger Woods’ wife chasing out of the house and threatening him with, of all things, a golf club, Tiger finally admitted that he had cheated on his wife and apologized for what he had done.

Ms. Grubbs is the second person to be allegedly connected to Tiger Woods. Immediately after the 2:00 AM crash of his $50,000 Escalade, the press was reporting his connection with Kalika Moquin, a Vegas nightclub promoter.

According to reports, Tiger Woods complained to friends that his wife had gone ballistic on him and scratched his face just hours before the car crash.

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