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Ten Ideas to Decrease Los Angeles DUI Arrests and Improve Highway Safety in 2010

1. Battle Los Angeles DUI incidences by improving the efficacy of rehab programs.

Sadly, rehab programs such as certain 12-step programs can be surprisingly ineffective at helping addicts recover from alcoholism. While only a few scientific surveys of groups like AA have been conducted, the results have not been particularly compelling. Indeed, some studies have suggested that 12-step treatment is no more effective than placebo treatment. Conversely, other rehab programs have demonstrated a statistically significant success rate, and perhaps there could be something to be learned from these more successful programs that could be more broadly applied and used to decrease the problem of Los Angeles DUI.
2. Increase prohibition on the use of cell phones and text messaging while driving.

As we’ve discussed elsewhere on this blog, the problem of driving while texting and driving while talking on the cell phone may be as big as — if not bigger than — the problem of driving under the influence in Long Beach and elsewhere in the Southland. Although California has made driving while texting illegal, perhaps more attention needs to be focused on this area. If we can reduce general driver distraction, we can likely reduce accidents and injuries on our roads.

3. Improve traffic engineering.

Road construction, bad or ineffective lighting, unclear signage, and other traffic engineering factors likely contribute to a significant percentage of accidents on Southern California roads. More innovative attention to these engineering problems can likely decrease the number of highway crashes significantly.

4. Use “crowd-sourcing” to identify dangerous drivers.

Crowd-sourcing is using aggregated community resources to get things done. Individuals armed with cameras and cell phones can in some circumstances help identify bad drivers and thereby exert social pressure to get them to conform to the laws of the state.

5. An improving economy can lead to more prosperity and more goodwill on the roads.

A depressed economy leads to depressed and distracted drivers. If you’re fatigued, in a bad mood, and stressed about finances, chances are you’re going to be a less attentive driver. Thus, in a bad economy, chances are that collectively Californians will be more at risk for getting into accidents — DUI and otherwise. If the economy improves, however, this may likely have a salutary effect on our collective driving behavior.

6. Campaign to raise the awareness of the danger of sleeplessness.

Driver fatigue is a significant contributor to accidents. Unfortunately, most people are not aware of how dangerous it can be to drive while sleepy, stressed, or otherwise out of sorts. A simple statewide educational campaign to explain these dangers could result in safer roadways.

7. Improve road maintenance.

Clearing debris out of lanes on highways and performing other general upkeep should likewise have a salutary effect on road safety.

8. Sell fewer red cars.

Studies show that the color red can inspire aggression in the minds of other drivers. Theoretically, if fewer red cars populated Southern California’s highways and byways, we might see a decrease in driver aggression and thus in accidents and injuries.

9. Improve education for minors about the ABCs of road safety.

Many new Southern California drivers do not understand or appreciate their responsibilities. Likewise, they may not understand the laws regarding DUI — in Southern California, for instance, if you’re under 21 years of age and you are caught with a blood alcohol concentration of just 0.01 percent — the equivalent of just a few sips of alcohol for some people — you can be arrested and charged with DUI in Southern California.

10. Provide better legal assistance.

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