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pexels-tima-miroshnichenko-6266772-200x300California is known for having some of the strictest domestic violence laws in the nation. If you find yourself arrested for domestic violence–whether it’s for simple domestic battery or something more serious like criminal threats or corporal injury–there’s a high probability that you will spend some time behind bars, even before being officially charged. Understanding the process and knowing what to expect can help you navigate this challenging situation more effectively and with less fear. Let’s explore the key stages following a domestic violence arrest in California, from the initial arrest to potential court proceedings.

Immediate Arrest and Booking

Once law enforcement arrives at the scene of a reported domestic violence incident, they will assess the situation. If they determine that there is probable cause to believe that a domestic violence offense has occurred, they are required by law to make an arrest. In California, domestic violence is taken very seriously, and an arrest is almost always inevitable if there are visible injuries or other evidence of an assault.

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