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Southern California Runway DUI – Yikes

While police have arrested drivers on a lot of different roads for a DUI in Los Angeles, it’s doubtful that they have often gone to the tarmac at Los Angeles International Airport. But cops in San Diego had to head to their own city’s airport when they needed to make a DUI arrest one day last April.jet-tanker-DUI

According to NBC 7, James Stewart, employed at San Diego International Airport, may have had a couple of beers before he went on the job one evening. The problem was that his work involved driving a big truck—a 10,000-gallon jet fuel tanker. Uh oh. Stewart took the truck out on the tarmac, then stepped out of the vehicle to begin the fueling process. He allegedly staggered a bit when he walked and then fell down, waving his legs in the air before struggling up once again.

At that point, other ground workers contacted Stewart’s boss, who checked out his employee and then alerted police. The police came out and found that Steward had bloodshot eyes and smelled like alcohol. When they tested his blood alcohol content, they measured it at .24, three times the legal limit as defined by CVC 23152. Police also uncovered two empty beer bottles in the tanker he was operating. They also found that Stewart was so out of it that he didn’t realize that the tanker tuck he had driven out to fuel the plane was empty.

Stewart pleaded not guilty in his first court appearance, but he later changed his plea to guilty on a DUI misdemeanor charge. (The change in plea may have come from the broadcast of an airport surveillance system that recorded the whole incident.)

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