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Senate Passes Wall Street Bailout, Now Its Time For the Feds to Prosecute White Collar Executives in Los Angeles

Now that the Senate has passed the bailout for Wall Street, and it is anticipated that the House will follow things are going to happen to those who caused this financial havoc. The Feds are now going to be stepping up prosecutions for white collar crimes here in Los Angeles as well as on Wall Street. For the first time in many years we are going to see a huge increase in the number of executives being prosecuted for various state and Federal crimes relating to investment and mortgage fraud. The American people are not going to stand still and passively watch their homes be taken away in foreclosure, their 401k retirement accounts become depleted, and their savings accounts vanish, while the CEOs rake in millions of dollars in pay and golden parachute.

Already the Feds have stated that they fully intend to “look into” the “Big Bosses” at these firms. Investigations and Grand Juries will begin to review the actions of these executives. We can expect that indictments and criminal charges will be filed and pursued to the fullest extent of the law.

It can also be expected that the CEOs and the other high ranking executives will be hiring white collar criminal defense firms in Southern California. This area of criminal defense is going to be a huge business for defense attorneys with unique knowledge of of the inner workings of these prosecution offices.

Former prosecutors will have the inside knowledge and information on how these prosecutions will be pursued. Investigations sometimes take yeas to unfold and during that time documents and other items will be subpoenaed and search warrants will be issued to seize evidence. In most cases, these will be no doubt who, and what, is being investigated.

It is wise if you, or someone you know, are under investigation for a white collar crime to immediately hire an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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