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OJ Simpson Convicted 13 Years To The Day He Was Aquitted In Los Angeles of Double Murder

Only a few minutes ago OJ Simpson , and his co-defendant were convicted of 12 different felonies. As most people know 13 years ago the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office unsuccessfully tried Simpson on double murder charges. He was acquitted of all charges and was immediately set free. Soon thereafter he moved to Florida.

Simpson was never able to stay out of the news. Repeatedly he was hauled into court to face one charge or another however there was never a conviction. That all changed today. Simpson and his co-defendant, Mr. Stewart, now face a minimal of 15 years to life for the crimes that occurred at the Palace Station Hotel and Casino. Simpson is currently 61 years old. That means that Simpson will be at least 76 years old before he is eligible for parole.

Simpson faced a dozen charges stemming from a conspiracy between Simpson and five associates . They all stormed into the room of a sports memorabilia collectibles dealer. Many of the items that Simpson was convicted of stealing were given by Simpson to the dealer to avoid paying the multi-million dollar civil judgment . That Judgment was owed to the Goldman and Brown families after he was convicted in civil court in the deaths of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson. All but one of his associates pled prior to trial, many of them ended up testifying against Simpson.

The defense asserted that OJ Simpson did not know that two of the men were carrying weapons when they all entered into the room. By its verdict, the jury found that in fact Simpson did know that the guns were brought to the robbery. Simpson was convicted of robbery, multiple conspiracy charges and kidnapping.

Simpson contends that he was merely going over to collect items that were stolen from him. The jury clearly by its verdict, found Simpson knew that two of his associates were carrying handguns. According to witnesses, OJ and his gang took over $100,000 of memorabilia at gun point.

The jury deliberated for 13 hours during a single day. The verdict was read at 10:50 PM, Friday October 3, 2008. Simpson was immediately taken into custody and sentencing will occur on December 5, 2008, in Las Vegas.

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