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Mel Gibson’s Los Angeles DUI Arrest Expunged

Most people remember Mel Gibson’s 2006 ranting anti-semitic remarks during his Los Angeles DUI arrest. After pleading guilty early in the proceedings, he was convicted of driving under the influence. Since that time. Mr. Gibson plead guilty, paid all of fines, and successfully completing his Los Angeles DUI education course.


Recently, his Los Angeles DUI defense attorney filed a motion to expunge his criminal record. The law allows a person to file a complicated motion to remove their criminal record once they have successfully completed all of the terms of probation.

A California expungement actually creates a situation in which the previous guilty judgment that resulted in a criminal record, is withdrawn, and the case is dismissed.

California allows expungements in cases in which a person was not sentenced to prison or given a suspended prison sentence. If all the terms of probation are completed in a successful manner, then a Los Angeles expungement attorney can file and argue the motion.

If the court grants the motion then the person can honestly say that they have not been convicted of a crime. However, there are some consequences that remain even though the person’s record is cleaned. The conviction will still be used as a prior if the person is convicted of another offense. In terms of Mel Gibson, while his conviction was withdrawn and the case was dismissed, if he is charged with another Los Angeles DUI within 10 years, then the previous conviction will be used to enhance his punishment.

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