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Medical Marijuana Will Now Be Taxed in California

In these harsh economic times California and cities throughout the State are trying to find new ventures to tax. As we all know, taxes mean increased city services. However, most people do not want to pay more income taxes. Legislators and community activists have put their heads together and come up with a new way to raise money without much complaining.

The Oakland City Council put a measure on the ballot to tax legalized medical marijuana. The measure passed by over 80% of the vote. The measure allows for a 1.8% tax on the receipts for the City’s licensed cooperatives.

Medical marijuana became legal under proposition 215 and since then, the Federal government has agreed not to prosecute individuals who fully comply with State laws in California. The Los Angeles medical marijuana defense attorney who gives consultations on how to comply with State laws for the legal use of medical marijuana is able to assist his clients from becoming criminally charges because they violate the law.

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