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Life After Southern California Medicare Fraud – Start Planning Now

If you are a physician who has recently been arrested for Los Angeles Medicare fraud due to double billing or overbilling — or as an accomplice to a larger and more sophisticated scheme that spanned several years — you’re probably terrified. How will the arrest (and potential conviction) impact your career, your freedom (jail time or not?), your finances, your relationships with the people closest to you, and your professional reputation (or what’s left of it)?
Odds are, in fact, that you are overwhelmingly focused on the potential negatives of the situation. In some ways, this makes sense. Now is a good time for reflection and sober strategic thinking, particularly if you did commit criminal activity. A Southern California Medicare or Medi-Cal fraud lawyer can help you devise and execute an intelligent response to the charges against you. And you should certainly introspect and analyze how you got into the situation in the first place. But you might also find it extremely resourceful to focus on potential positive outcomes. medicare-fraud-in-southern-california.jpg

The brain works in mysterious ways. Since the 1950s, neurologists have studied an activity center in the brain called the reticular activating system (RAS). This is a region of our brain that helps to manage and process attention and focus. Obviously, the neurology of the RAS is too complicated for this blog to address, but the takeaway is pretty profound. Science suggests that how and when and where we hold our focus can color not only our perceptions of our experiences but also our strategies for dealing with crises.

Let’s make that a little more concrete.

Look around the room right now and think about the color green. Just focus on the green. Now close your eyes (after reading this, of course). What objects can you recall in your mental vision? Chances are, you will recall the green objects – perhaps a plant in your office or some grass growing outside. Now do the same exercise again, but this time choose a different color – say, blue. You will notice that, by focusing on blue, you will pick up on and focus on very different objects in your space.

Our brain tends to filter our processes and experiences based on the focus anchors we provide it. And this extends well beyond cute little games like focusing on green objects and blue objects. It suggest that we should focus on positive outcomes for a Los Angeles Medicare fraud case, for instance – idealized visions of where you would like to be after all the legal wrangling and logistical and financial “cleaning up.”

If instead we dwell on the negatives that we don’t want to happen, our focus will be shifted toward negative outcomes. We will have a harder time finding and seizing on resources that can help us rebuild our lives and meet our challenges with compassion and resourcefulness.

For help dealing with your challenges, connect immediately with the team here at the Kraut Criminal & DUI Lawyers. Attorney Michael Kraut is a recognized and highly experienced Southern California white collar crime attorney. His unique vantage as a former prosecutor (and Harvard Law School educated lawyer on top of that) gives him a competitive advantage over other defense attorneys, since he understands on a personal level how prosecutors think.

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