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Lewd Conduct in Los Angeles Charges? 4 Actions Can Torpedo Your Case…

If you’ve recently been investigated or arrested for lewd conduct in Los Angeles, you’re likely feeling terrified, overwhelmed, and isolated.lewd-conduct-in-los-angeles-lawyer.jpg

In this fraught state, odds are high that you will make one of the following 4 errors that could make your situation much more painful, legally complicated, and generally annoying. Read this article to “inoculate” yourself from these mistakes.

Mistake #1. Taking no action.

Some people charged with sex crimes in Los Angeles spring into action. The legal trouble serves as a major wake up call for them. Others, unfortunately, get overwhelmed by the stress and pressure. They metaphorically “hide in their holes,” in the hope that the legal storm will blow over. Remember the famous lyrics from the band Rush’s song “Freewill” — “if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.”

Mistake #2. Focusing on what’s wrong, instead of what could be right.

Let’s not be naïve. There are a lot of things in your life that are “wrong” right now.

Odds are, in fact, that your Los Angeles sex crime charge is just the tip of a larger unfortunate iceberg. Perhaps you’re also facing trouble at work (not even related to the sex crime charge), problems in key relationships, money problems, etc. So there is probably a lot wrong.

But don’t overlook the potential for what could be right!

For instance, if you take effective steps, not only might you beat back the criminal charges, but you could also get into therapy, recalibrate your life and career goals, and mend fences with important people. Focus on what you can do, not just on what’s bad in your life now.

Mistake #3. Blaming yourself/the victim/other people.

When things get tight and tough, it’s easy to mete out blame and shame.

But these emotions and judgments serve no one’s needs. They just draw attention to what’s missing and what hurts inside of you. Don’t shove those feelings under the rug; instead, examine their root causes. Why might you be feeling shame? Why might you be blaming someone else or some institution? Think out loud on paper, if that helps you. Try to “drill down” to get the root of what’s really the matter.

Often, what we think is the matter is just a superficial symptom of a deeper emotional injury.

Mistake #4. Lying to yourself and others.

When you lie to yourself and to people who can help you (such as a qualified Los Angeles lewd conduct attorney), you set yourself up for a fall.

Protect your integrity. Hold on to it. Cherish it.

The old saying “the truth will set you free” sounds gimmicky, but it’s ultimately correct. When you’re straightforward with your attorney — fully disclosing — he or she can build the most compelling and accurate possible case for you.

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