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Journaling to Understand Your Los Angeles Medicare Fraud Charges

Ever since Federal investigators got on your case (and potentially even charged you) for healthcare fraud in Los Angeles, news commentators and observers have been calling you things like “mastermind” and “criminal conspirator.” You certainly don’t think of yourself in those terms. In fact, you’re feeling pretty scared, bewildered, and out of control right now – anything but the master of your mind.why-los-angeles-health-care-fraud.jpg

This lack of clarity and sense of dis-ease can cause problems for your defense. To the degree that you are unclear about what you did, what charges you face, and what you can do to respond is the degree that you’ll feel out of control.

There are two main tools that you can use to regain a coherent perspective.

1. Journaling
Our thoughts and states of mind are fluid. When we journal – and ask and answer questions in written form – we can often recognize recurring thoughts and emotions and do something about them. For instance, perhaps your journaling will reveal a sense of disquietude about the role that your partner played in the Los Angeles Medicare scheme. You might pick up on something subtle but real that’s “bugging you” about what he or she did. Only by journaling will you be able to objectify those fears and deal with them in a practical way, legally speaking.

2. Find an effective Los Angeles Medicare fraud defense attorney.

The laws that you stand accused of breaking are undoubtedly complex and difficult to understand. You have too much going on — emotionally, financially, and professionally — to sort through the technical language on your own.

An experienced lawyer can help you make sensible, reflective, informed decisions. Trust former Los Angeles prosecutor, Michael Kraut, to help you explore your defense challenges and opportunities. Mr. Kraut is a Harvard Law School educated ex-prosecutor who has excellent connections in the Southern California legal community.

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