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Former NFL Steve McNair Murdered by Girlfriend WHo Then Killed Herself

Former Tennessee quarterback, Steve McNair, who was found this past Saturday shot and killed in his girlfriend’s apartment was determined to be murdered. Also found dead was Sahel Kazemi with one gunshot wound to the head.

From the very beginning, investigators were very quiet about what happened while they were waiting for results from tests completed immediately after the bodies were discovered. This morning, those same investigators announced their conclusion that McNair’s girlfriend murdered the football player and then turned the gun on herself. Top criminal defense attorneys assisted in the investigation
At a news conference, Police Chief Ronal Serpas made the announcement that Kazemi, 20, was extremely depressed over mounting personal problems. Apparently, financial problems and a recent DUI arrest contributed to the stress. But, the final straw was learning that McNair was married.

Police stated that they believe that Kazemi approached McNair while he was asleep on the couch at a rented condominium at 1:45 AM on Saturday. She raised the gun and shot him once in the left temple, then pointed the gun to his chest and shot him two more times. The final shot was to his left temple. Then she shot herself in the head after positioning herself that she would die in his lap.

The evidence pointed to McNair being asleep because it appeared he did not raise his hands to defend himself. Recent advances in forensic testing allows law enforcement to tests for Gun Shot Residue (GRS). The residue is the burnt gun power that is discharged when the gun is fired.

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