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Disturbing Los Angeles Medicare Fraud News: Couple in Minnesota Could Get Six Decades (Each!) in Prison

A new Minnesota Public Radio report has public health authorities, economists, and bloggers who focus on issues like Southern California Medicare fraud alike analyzing and chatting about powerful charges against a couple from Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. medicare-fraud-4.jpg

Anita and Stephen Soledolu — co-owners of a home healthcare service — allegedly submitted Medicare claims that did not have documentation. Prosecutors allege that the couple bilked Minnesota for over $864,000. The Soledolus face indictments on six felony counts. Each one could be hit with six decades behind bars and penalties of $300,000.

According to a Minnesota Public Radio report: “The Soledolus submitted claims for home care of Medicaid recipients when investigators found clients weren’t home.”

The Commissioner of the MN Department of Human Services, Lucinda Jesson, discussed the prevalence of Medicare fraud in the state. According to her counting, fraud in MN leads to a loss of upwards of $670 million – or 10% of the annual amount paid out by the state ($6.7 billion) for claims put in by pharmacists, doctors, and other healthcare providers. All told, Jesson estimates that MN recovers just $7 million in fraud payments.

Minnesota is clearly grappling with problems similar to those that California investigators face. Los Angeles Medicare fraud is an enormous problem – as is Southern California credit card fraud, Los Angeles insurance fraud, and other Southern California white collar crimes.

Both Federal and state governments are doing everything in their power to recoup losses and clamp down on budgets in the wake of the extended economic downturn. Thus, even innocent (or partially innocent) healthcare providers may be caught up in the dragnet.

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