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Chris Brown in Jail for Threatening and beating Rihanna in Los Angeles

Early Sunday morning the day that she was supposed to perform at the Grammys, pop star Rihanna was was seen crying and shaken after she and Chris Brown had an altercation in the quiet neighborhood of Hancock Park in Los Angeles.

Police would not identify the woman in the domestic violence incident due to the laws of confidentiality. While Brown made his $50,000 bail, he immediately hired a pre-filing Los Angeles criminal defense attorney to represent his best interests. As often happens in domestic violence cases, the police choose one side and then seek the evidence that will support that position. If all facts are true, Chris Brown could face 9 years in state prison.

Los Angeles Domestic violence is a serious crime. In order for the prosecution to convict him of domestic violence, they must prove that Brown was in a relationship with Rihanna, or that they have children in common, or live together in a sexual relationship. Next they must prove that Brown inflicted a traumatic injury and that he did so not as an act of self defense.

Police will spend a lot of time talking to Rihanna early during the investigation. They will get as many statements from her and her friends and witnesses because as time goes on, most domestic violence victims will become less and less cooperative and many will refuse to testify against suspects in these cases. So the police secretly tape record these statements to later use in court.

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