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Chris Brown and Rihanna Reunite in Los Angeles. Will Chris Brown Face Criminal Charges?

After Chris Brown and Rihanna had their violent encounter on February 8, 2009, in Los Angeles, things may be changing. Initial reports emerged that Rihanna had received a text page that enraged Chris Brown to the point that he became exceptionally violent with the pop star in the Los Angeles Hollywood suburb of Handcock Park earlier this month. News reports are now circulating that the two have reunited as a couple. It is now up to his Los Angeles domestic violence defense attorney to attempt to lower the charges, or have the case thrown out completely.

New organizations are beginning to report that because the two have been seen together, then Chris Brown will not face criminal charges. That cannot be further from the truth. Domestic violence is like no other crime prosecuted in Los Angeles. In almost 80-90% of the cases, the victim and the assailant get back together. The fact that a couple reunite after a violent episode does not mean that the prosecution is powerless to prosecute the crimes that had occurred. In almost all cases a victim in a domestic violence case will refuse to testify or will minimize what actually occurred during the criminal incident. Because the prosecution is aware of these facts, they almost always demand that the police or other investigatory agency, tape record the statements of the victim. That way the victim can be impeached on the witness stand if they “go backwards” on the statements they previously made.

The result to Chris Brown will be most likely seen in the punishment that he receives. He will most likely still be prosecuted for the crime, but if Rihanna tells the court that she was the aggressor or that Chris Brown was merely defending himself from her attack, then the prosecution could decide to drop any charges that they might be considering. If they still decide to prosecute then a top notch Southern California criminal defense attorney would be able to argue that the facts indicate that it was a case of mutual combat, or that Chris Brown was defending himself. If that were to occur then the prosecution would most likely not file criminal charges.

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