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Charlie Sheen Arrested for Felony Domestic Violence…..Just Like Years Ago When He was Arrested For A Los Angeles Domestic Violence Case

Charlie Sheen has been arrested again for domestic violence towards the women in his life. Recent reports out of Aspen, Colorado concerning Brooke Mueller tell a story of continued violence. According to reports, Sheen was arrested for two felonies an one misdemeanor on Christmas Day. The 911 call made public this week by Mrs. Sheen clearly illuminates the panic and confusion in the house. The last time he was arrested for a Los Angeles domestic violence case.
On the tape Brooke can be heard telling police that Sheen had held a knife to her throat and then choked her. According to Brooke, while he was being physical, he was yelling that he was going to kill her. Brooke’s drunken voice can be heard on the tape.

After the arrest, a judge issued a protective order that separates the Sheens from each other. While the court order is still in effect, both parties have asked the court to modify the ruling to allow them to see each other. At this time, Charlie Sheen’s 10 month-old twins are remaining in Aspen with mom, while the actor is back in Los Angeles working on the set of Two and Half Men. Sheen’s top-rated Los Angeles criminal defense attorney is working behind the scenes in what is known as pre-filing investigation to stop any charges from being filed
This is not the first time that Sheen has been arrested for violence on the women he claims to love. Several years ago Sheen was charged with a Los Angeles domestic violence case for severely beating his girl friend at the time, Brittany Ashland. In 1996, Sheen was arrested and charged with pulling his girl friends hair while slamming her down on a marble floor. He then knocked her unconscious and then caused an injury to her face that required stitches to close the wounds. According to Ashland he then stripped her of the bloody clothes she was wearing and then told her that if she told anyone he would kill her.

Court records indicate that Sheen pled guilty to criminal charges in the 1996 case. Ashland’s attorney is urging the District Attorney in Colorado to not modify the order.

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