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After You’ve Been Arrested/Investigated for Medicare Fraud in Los Angeles: Like Waking from a Dream

Getting charged with Los Angeles Medicare fraud can change your life — and not in a good way (but not necessarily in a totally bad way, either!) los-angeles-medicare-fraud-defense-overwhelmed.jpg

Defendants often go through a period of epiphany or powerful reflection after being accused. This can be disconcerting. If you’ve recently been arrested — or if you know or care about someone who has been charged — you probably recognize symptoms, such as:

• Sudden dismay and regret regarding years of actions;
• Depression;
• Attempts to “pin the blame” on partners, associates, and even family members;
• Denial of reality;
• Panic, anger, or other strong emotions;
• Sudden unexpected ill health;
• Decline in desire to be social or to engage in physical activity;
Every defendant processes his/her arrest differently.

During the tender days and weeks following the “bursting of the bubble,” defendants need empathy. Everyone deserves compassion — even people who’ve committed wrongs, like pilfering (or helping to pilfer) millions of dollars from the federal government’s coffers. Empathy can help defendants make smarter/more strategic decisions, too.

What you do in the immediate wake of a charge/investigation can have profound ramifications for your penalties and future. Understand this. At this very moment, the government is hard at work building a case against you. You may need to act swiftly to compile evidence and witness statements to protect yourself, legally speaking.

• Computer records, for instance, can be destroyed.
• Eyewitnesses may forget what they saw/heard/thought.
• You might run out of time/leverage to stop prosecutors from finding/using certain damaging evidence.

Take action. But don’t take just any action. Take effective action against the white collar crime charges.

Your taking effectve action may mean the difference between exoneration and catastrophic penalties, such as decades-long prison sentences and the annihilation of your professional credentials.

There may not be an easy answer to your charges. You may have difficult weeks, months, and years ahead. But if you’ve been frozen into inaction — or caught up in a psychologically debilitating spiral of anger, doubt, and overwhelm — your first step is clear. You must extract yourself from that destructive thinking and get good help.

Michael Kraut of the Kraut Criminal & DUI Lawyers is an extremely experienced, thoroughly versed Los Angeles white collar crime defense attorney. The Harvard Law School educated Kraut understands how prosecutors think and work because he was one himself — for 14 plus years, he served as a Senior Deputy District Attorney for L.A. Get in touch with the Kraut Criminal & DUI Lawyers now for a free consultation and step-by-step advice about your case.

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