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After Your Los Angeles Medicare Fraud Arrest: Are You on the Flywheel or the “Doom Loop”?

Ever since authorities began investigating you for Medicare fraud in Southern California, you’ve been overwhelmed, uncertain, and scared for your reputation and your family’s future. DoomLoop-medicare-fraud-southern-california.jpg

Life, it seems, has taken an unexpected and decidedly unwelcome turn.

Given your hectic state of affairs, you might be laboring under some false assumptions about the trajectory of your life and welfare. In other words, all the legal chaos may bias you into believing that things are “getting worse” or “will get worse” for you.

But that might not be the case.

We’ll get back to that idea in a second — as counterintuitive as it sounds. But let’s pause for a second and consider some relevant business philosophy. In his books, Good to Great and Built to Last, business management guru Jim Collins discusses two key concepts called “the doom loop” and “the flywheel” to describe how businesses and people change their behavior over time.

The idea is this: whenever you make a change in life, it’s kind of like you’re pushing a very heavy flywheel around in a circle. At first, you’re working really hard, but you’re showing only minimal results. After a while, though, if you push in the same direction long enough, the flywheel begins to turn faster and faster. The momentum starts to help you instead of hinder you.

The doom loop, on the other hand, describes the reverse process — a fitful and random application of force that winds up exhausting you but leading to zero momentum over the longer term.

So how does this all tie back to your Los Angeles Medicare fraud case?

Here’s how it ties back. Looking back on the last few months or years of your life, you can see that you’ve probably made certain decisions — some of which may have gone against your own moral and ethical beliefs or against the law itself. Now, the government is piecing together a case that could lead to the destruction of your medical reputation, jail time, fines, and other horrendous consequences.

In the sober light of day, you might fear that you’ve been on pushing the “doom loop” this entire time — i.e., going in a wrong or fitful direction with respect to your life.

But that may not be totally true.

You may have already started to move your life in the right direction. Perhaps you have “come clean” with a spouse or former business partner about what you’ve been doing. Perhaps you’ve already begun to compile your defense and think about how you can atone for your wrongdoings.

In fact, even the act of reaching out to talk to an experienced Los Angeles Medicare fraud defense attorney, like Michael Kraut of the Kraut Criminal & DUI Lawyers, can be seen as act of pushing the flywheel — i.e., leaving behind the doom loop and moving forward towards a brighter future.

Be compassionate with yourself. Give yourself credit for what you have done — since the arrest or investigation — to make sense of what’s happened to you. And seriously consider connecting with attorney Kraut or another experienced and highly competent Los Angeles white collar crime defense lawyer to build your case.

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