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Actor Mark Ruffalo’s Brother Dies From Gunshot in Los Angeles

Mark Ruffalo’s brother was found dead in his Beverly Hills apartment after a gunshot killed the young man in this Los Angeles city. Scott Ruffalo, 39, was pronounced dead at Cedars Sinai Medical Center. A woman that was wanted for questioning was initially arrested and held with no bail. According to those in the know, her Los Angeles criminal defense attorney met with the detectives from the Beverly Hill s Police Department.

After a careful review of the facts, the woman,Shaha Mishaal Adham, known to be a Saudi princess, was released from custody. Apparently, she was scared and left the location of the shooting after she went to Ruffalo’s residence to retrieve keys to her SUV.

Police learned that Ruffalo was playing “Russian Roulette” with a hand gun when the gun went off. Facts now show that the woman was not involved, but merely was a witness to a horrible crime.

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